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Enlighten me! [entries|friends|calendar]
Willa... the queen of f-u-n-k-y.

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No more LJ-Punks for me, thanks... [02 Feb 2008|07:12pm]



On the other hand, I do love everybody, so... comment to be added, and spam/promote to your heart's content in the comments link (THIS POST ONLY, THANKS).

PS- Don't be a cunt-monger. If you read my old journals, don't comment in them, especially not anonymously. Non-friends must comment here only. Wouldn't you rather just get friended and then be able to read my real journal? Cunt-mongers are dirt-ass. I won't like you if you're dirt-ass... so just... get yourself friended. Thanks.


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yo yo yo...! [04 Mar 2005|11:42pm]

This is just a REMINDER that I'm not using this journal anymore; I'm using "discofabulous". If you haven't re-added me, you need to... RIGHT FUGGIN NOW!!!


That is all.

-Willa :-]

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IMPORTANT!!! [20 Feb 2005|10:26pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi all,

I have decided to go all out and change my username for good. Please friend me, or I shall cry and become angry. =-o

My new name is "discofabulous":

title or description

...click it! ...click it! ...click it!

Thanks... and a sad goodbye to camariiiobriiio... this journal has been a good friend to me. Hahaha, whatever that means.

:::quick tear of sadness:::

xoxo, bye!

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Haha! We were so cool! [20 Jan 2005|02:35am]
[ mood | high ]

So lately my computer has been having a billion seizures, so I decided to clean off my hardrive by deleting all of the old crappy pictures, etc, etc... but I came across a few gems I thought I would post before :::gasp::: DELETING!!!

Sophomore year was a funny year...Collapse )
Well that was a fun trip down memory lane... and NOW, it is time to PACK for NORTHAMPTON!!! And I am happy, for exams are FINISHED, and I am officially done with the schoolwork that colleges will know about. YESSSSSS.

Okay... well have an awesome weekend /friday/ monday, etc. XOXOXO

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hoho haha hehe hihi huhu honhon hyhy l kjasdkl [19 Jan 2005|08:34pm]
[ mood | Dead tired. ]

JKHDuj hais8d7 789af87df8s7fyhisdf948t9 83 fgn!!!


The past few days I have been SOOO FAREEEKING TIRED. 'Classic Rock in the Morning' has never made me cringe so hard... if hard-cringing is even possible. The alarm clock goes off... and it's like... wow, I just want to throw up all over everything just thinking about leaving bed. I've been drinking literally five cups of black tea a day... now the caffeine only works for oh... all of about five minutes. I was attempting to study for English just now, but guess what happened? I fell asleep! On the floor! I woke up and had blue fuzzy carpeting stuck all in my mouth. It was SEXALICIOUS! haha.

I bet I got mono from McCrae's spit. It's sad that if that was actually true, it would make me really, uncannily happy. hhaha... yeah wow...

I officially hate January. January sucks dick.

But you know what's good? The Hives are good. QUITE good indeeeed. And James Brown.

OH and I need people to vote on this!:
If I've been going to work for the past, say... 2.5 months... and haven't recieved pay AT ALL... do you think I've been fired? Like Milton from Office Space? I know, I know... the stapler, but yeah, nobody said i was fired. I only skipped work a few times. What should I do? I'm too much of a pussy to be like "Yo, bitch, can I have some money now???" It's a very awkward situation...
HELP? lol. :::moves desk to rat-infested basement... or... tennis courts?:::

Tomorrow I'm leaving for MA after fuckin' exams are finally over. Should be a fun trip... :) :) :)

Yeah. Back to the blue fuzzy carpet napping it is...

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Why can't we be creative? [18 Jan 2005|03:01pm]
[ mood | Tired...! ]

So I finally got my second-semester schedule fixed...
and now it looks like THIS:

...click the link, biatchCollapse )

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A photo. [12 Jan 2005|03:47am]
[ mood | irritated ]

Ray says: 'Your nipples look so psyched!'Collapse )

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[07 Jan 2005|11:21am]
[ mood | disgruntled ]

I skipped work today. I didn't call my boss or anything. Whoops.

Instead, I stayed home and tried to figure out how to play clarinet. I'm really horrible - I can barely play in the lower register without squeaking and sounding like a fucking tortured little rodent. But yeah. Whatevs.

So in talking to Ray, I've found out that at CVU, there are a mere NINE PEOPLE whom I legitimately like. So that means... out of the entire school's population of about 1,300, I like 9. That's way less than 1%. hahahaha. great.

I have to do a self-portrait for photography. I've already done many a self-portrait, and I need a new idea... all I keep thinking of are things I've already used. I need an idea of a way to take a picture of myself that would reflect some deep, amazing thing about my "past or future". hahahaha. :::cough, cough::: I'd rather just not be in Tim's class anymore, and take pictures I want to take. His awkwardness is ruining my love for photography.

I'm going to sleep. Sorry to be blunt.

Oh yeah, and if you haven't read the HOT ASS poem that abby posted, you need to. If you don't know who abby is, and you want to read the best poem about fucking hot ass EVERYTHING, then comment and I'll give it to you.

Happy fuckin' weekend, everyone.

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[06 Jan 2005|10:57pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]


Today was the most random day ever.
Oh wait, yesterday was too.
And the day before...
And presumably, tomorrow.

I've given up on any hope of motivation getting me through the rest of the semester... unfortunately, my recent slump in schoolwork seems to be a permanent fixture. Haha, oh well... I could only keep that smart act up for so long, you know... three and a half years is pretty decent...

Wow, that was forced.

I don't really know why I'm writing in this right now. There's definetely no point... I seem to have run out of witty things to say, possibly because my brain has really just become a piece of melted, unusable garbage... also, I haven't been getting my usual 10 hours. Hmmm...

It's funny how people make fun of other people who have livejournals. Even I make fun of it. I mean c'mon, it's a funny thing. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother writing in it... why should I write anything for other people, mostly people who I don't even know on a personal level, especially when I don't even care enough to write something interesting. But the fact is, I enjoy reading everyone else's journals, I like hearing about your lives, even though I don't think I really care what happens to you. I guess that makes me sick. Haha, livejournal turns our lives into entertainment for other people. Why do we crave to hear about each other's lives? Why do we, as humans, want other people to know about who we talked to in school, what teacher was an ass, whose best-friend is actually a bastard coke-addict, what movies are good... what worthless little minute detail of nothingness is so drastically important and life-altering and worthy of boldness and
and CAPSLOCK and... I don't even know. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I'm addicted to livejournal, I read people's posts like a fucking slave, and yet deep down inside, I don't really even care about what you guys say, let alone what I say in my own LJ. Wow, that's sad. Very sad indeed.

Sorry. I guess I'm just an ass.

Um... I wish this was the time where I'd say "so, yeah, farewell to livejournal, I'm going to go do something REAL with my time". But alas, I, like many of you who will read this, am an LJ addict, and I just woudln't be able to kick the habit so fast. It's pretty dumb, I know.

I always thought I'd be the last person to become a slave to technology... yet, here I sit, typing this trash at 11:15 at night with about eight bazillion other things I should be doing.

LIVEJOURNAL, WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME SO??? stop making me procrastinate my life away.

I think... I might be... weird... or... something...

does anyone else have this problem...?????? :-\ haha oh schnapp...

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Happy FUCKIN' New Year!!! [01 Jan 2005|09:41pm]
[ mood | Tired as fuck. ]

Yes. Happy New Year, everyone. Hooray for a year that's a multiple of five... everyone knows those are the best years ever.

Sooo um... my New Year's Eve was pretty schwell, it mostly consisted of downtown, club dancing, moshing, the crew (+ others...), and wild DDR! But yeah... possible I'll post pictures tomorrow... but seeing as nobody but me really cares about seeing them, I might not bother, heh.

So here are my "new year's resolutions":
1.) Do more art. Jesus fucking christ Willa.
2.) (This relates to the above) Make time for what's important.
3.) Be less of a bitch.
4.) Dance a lot. More specifically, get really good at DDR.
5.) Stop beating up my dogs. It's really not their faults that they smell bad and are huge and slobbery and gross.
6.) Go to more shows... aka meet more band boys.
7.) Be less of a perfectionist.
8.) Not spend as much money on clothes and stupid stuff I don't need/want.
9.) Be nicer to my family... more "appreciative"! :-\
10.) Be more trustworthy/ lie less.

Now, I do believe those are all reasonable goals. So, if any one of you sees me OPPOSING or DISREGARDING one of the above, feel free to liberally slap me in the face. Thanks.

Looks like tomorrow is the last day of vacation. That's disgusting. I reeeeally DON'T want to go back to school. I feel like... gahhhh I can't stand all the annoying, immature, stupid, idiotic BASTARDS who are always there. Plus, I have to look for my car keys when I go back... and that's just depressing. Awe well... at least... this semester's almost over? :-\



Oh I'm not yeah...
Heavenly sent.

Oh I could be yeah...
Heavenly sent.


le fin.

OH WAIT. I have a MySpace account now, that's how COOL I am :::looks embarassed:::. Soooo any of you other kiddos who've got one, friend me or whatever. Woohoo... <3

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[30 Dec 2004|08:46pm]
[ mood | fucking weird ]

This vacation officially takes the cake for sucking the biggest, juiciest, hairiest balls (whoops, that was pretty raunch, sorry).


But I do love Moose...
and water...
and pez (as always)...
and Frank Zappa...
and air is pretty rad...

this cartoon is cool too:

Yeah, the end.


this is stupid.

Your New Years Resolution Should Be: Stop waking up in strange places

Your personal mantra is "What's your name again?"
It's not that you're slutty - more like carefree
(In that whole free love sort of way.)
And if you're not careful, you'll end up a permanent fixture at the free clinic!

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Oh good ol' 2004... [28 Dec 2004|11:31am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Wow. This year was... horrible, great, depressing, stresssssssssstastic, lovely, grody, gnarly, poooo-ish, fun, pretty, ugly, hysterical... and most of all, BROODALICIOUS.

I learned that...
-I'm smart, but also very stupid.
-for some odd reason, my friends don't usually trust me.
-Foreign countries are rad.
-I'm in love with music... more specifically, the beautiful men behind the music.
-I'm one of the luckiest bastards ever.
-I can be emo. Fancy that.
-I'm inherently messy... only because I "have no time to be neat". hah.
-I will never find love in Vermont.
-I'm a perfectionist, but I hate other perfectionists.
-Best friends are often stupid and unnecessary.
-College will most likely kick my ass.
-PB&J isn't actually good w/ ketchup. In fact, it tastes much like vomit.
-Disco. Is. Awesome.
-People assume I'm a vegetarian. I'm not.
-I really dislike punk music. Sorry kids! :(
-And last, but not least, I have awesome friends!

haha, yay for being hokey :)



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Boom chacka lacka lacka... [27 Dec 2004|03:22pm]
[ mood | dooWAH! ]

I'm at my mom's work right now all by myself, staring at her boss's amazing tropical fishies, attempting to write college essay no. 1. And BOY oh BOY, is it ever taking a lonnnng time!

His fish are fucking cool. There's this wee little jelly-like crab thing... it's all pinkish and red and CLEAR! It hops all around and is awesome. Then there's this beastly purple fish that all the other fish are scared of; every time he swims by them, they cower into the coral and shudder in fright. BUT, my favorite fish of all is this cute little white fish with a sparkly head and bright pink eyes. I'm thinking it's definetely albino or something... haha, it looks like it's on crack, I love it.

WOW. Okay, I should def. go write this awesome essay about this time when I tried to make my own darkroom but failed miserably. Except, in the essay, I'm saying that I didn't fail... haha, because who the hell wants to admit some girl who fails all the time? NOBODY, that's who...! Yeah, in the essay I get to say that through my failure I learned an amazing lesson about life, and the fact that the best roll of film I ever shot came out all black is AWWWWWESOME.

Today I lost my iPod, but then I found it. However, my keys are still missing, along with my pink leather gloves, my glasses, and my fucking Monopoly CD-Rom (that's been missing for a while now... like 10 years...). I lose fucking EVERYTHING. It's no good. BAH.

So... what the hell is going on for New Year's?! I FEEL SO AMAZINGLY SNEAKY RIGHT NOW!!! I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!

I think I'm going to go sneak around in peoples' offices and play with all the crazy cameras in the test kitchen. Anybody in Charlotte right now who wants to come over and play in the warehouse on the little slidey cart thingies, COME!!!! :-D

Okay. Bye.

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wooohooo! [22 Dec 2004|11:00pm]
[ mood | wooo! ]

Yesterday I got run over by a rack of band chairs, this morning my cat clawed my neck and made me bleed, after school I lost my car keys (and they're still lost, I might add...), and now I have a piece of glass stuck in my finger. But alas, it is the first night of vacation; someone could rip off my pinky toes and feed them to me and I'd still be as GIDDY as GID himself.

Could life get better?

I submit that it could NOT.

So who wants to go sledding and play scrabble?!? Huh? Huh?


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Retour a Vega [21 Dec 2004|11:11am]
[ mood | uncertain ]

I feel like beating somebody over the head with a metal chair. Right now, that sounds like good fun.

"ca y'est c'est reparti je me divise en deux
je suis toute a la fois l'acteur et le decor
je ne sais ou vais ou je vais le saurais-je
je ne vais nulle part mais a toute vitesse"

Why do people go bad? Is it in their genes? If so, that's not cool. Very many things seem very much uncertain at this point. I'm not sure whether or not I miss being your best friend. But, yeah, I'm starting to wonder a lot about you...

Vacation = thank god...!

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[19 Dec 2004|10:42am]
[ mood | I have to pee. ]

Um... yeah... some hot/ugly/random/sketchy pictures of me, Andrea, and Kat. I would update for real, but I need sleep to the maxxxximum. Mmmm...

Read more...Collapse )

These last three days better not suck ass...!!!

Speeking of sucking ass...


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[17 Dec 2004|10:40am]
[ mood | rained upon ]

What a wretched week. Blargh.

-Bang Sesh in the mornin'
-EXTREME X-MAS SHOPPING JAUNT. I def. haven't started yet. Def. screwed. Woo.
-I decided I'm gonna harvest our x-mas tree off of our own property. Maybe. If I can find a decent hand saw.
-Kat's B-day Bowling partAY. woohoo.

So yeah... umm... what should I ask for for christmas? I can't think of anything... which is weird. Oh well, apparently materialism is bad anyway.

Sin is bad too.

And terrorism.

So they say.

Yeah, right. Def. going to bed now.

What a blunt ending.


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This is how I feel: [16 Dec 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | essay-tastic! ]

No elaboration needed. heh.

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blahhhhh! [13 Dec 2004|10:28am]
[ mood | blah blah bleh etc. ]

Hawky McJones died on Sunday while I was feeding him more liver. :( I only cried for 10 minutes. I wanted to cry for longer but I was too tired. It was depressing. I miss him. His smelly box is in the garage and every time I see it I feel angry.

Today my tennis video was finished so my mom went to pick it up. Right as she was supposed to get home, I look out the window and notice some dumbass got pulled over by a cop right in front of my driveway. Then I realize it's a Jeep just like my mom's, with its right-hand turn signal on, just like my mom would have to do to get into our driveway. Hmm. So I called my mom on her cell phone.

"Mom? Where are you?"
"At the bottom of the driveway."
"Did you get pulled over?"
"Yes." (then I started hysterically laughing) "I have to go now."

HAHA. She got a warning for "eratic (the cop spelled it 'erratic', hahaha) driving". No wonder I'm such a horrible driver, I get it from her.

So yeah, anyway, the tennis video is on a CD and it won't play on my computer because I have a Macintosh... and as usual, stupid PC formats don't work. I spent like 2 hours attempting to make it play... with no luck. Very aggravating.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, the WORST day of the week... I have Jazz Band after school, then photography at 6, and a concert (ahhh totally unprepared...) at 7:30. Plus like 5 tests I haven't studied for... as usual. :-D woohoo.

I gave myself a haircut since Sharon (my cousin who always cuts my hair) couldn't do it over the weekend. She's cutting it next Saturday... but yeah, I'm impatient. I didn't cut very much, only Andrea and Audrey noticed.

Wow. This post is almost more boring than... the PBS benefit concert I'm watchin right now... which actually isn't all that boring.

Ok. I'm gonna go now. Someday I'll post cool pictures of something. Until then, adieu.

And Oh!! Happy Birthday to Kat!! :) I can't believe she went to the Pixies show. What a bastard. But hey... she doesn't have McCrea's spit to marvel at daily... heh heh heh...

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December 11th = let down. [11 Dec 2004|07:04pm]
[ mood | bummed ]

My dad almost threw away McCrea's water bottle!! But I rescued it. I'm going to put in in a spinning glass case... with blinking lights... and singing angels... XD

Today would have sucked if Elvis hadn't been there for me. Thank god for him and his beautiful rendition of oh so many jolly christmas tunes. ::: sigh :::

So who's going to throw that radtastic ultimate dance party I've been dreaming of? C'mon now. SOMEBODY's gotta do it... or I just might have it at my house... but then only like 3 people could come... :-\

I'm gonna go watch Henry V. Woo-frikkin-hoo.


ps- note my new icon. it represents the irony of my anger. haha. or something. gah...


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